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Crackerjanne Puppies


We look for discerning new owners who will be able to offer a puppy all the love and attention it deserves and we are very happy to offer advice and assistance to those owners throughout the puppy's lifetime.

'Java'  and 'Monty' in their new homes

All our puppies are bred for soundness, good temperament and are from regularly health tested stock, ie KC/BVA eye tested including gonioscopy, DNA tested clear for canine fucosidosis (or hereditarily clear), DNA PRA Cord 1 tested and hip scored. Our aim always is to improve on the attributes of our current stock and breed only when we would like to retain a puppy for ourselves, either to show or work

 to the gun.

Monty Raffles Java Face 2 Beth's babes 13 002 4 weeks tomorrow 008 KC-Assured_BS_cmyk


PUPPIES arrived! 14th MARCH 2016


Sh Ch Peasblossom Jester ex Crackerjanne Call Me Maybe

                                          L/W & B/W







7 days 002 Grace Crackerjanne Call Me Maybe Rafferty copy