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A relatively quiet year for the Crackerjanne dogs with personal stuff and the companion show preventing us from getting out more. Hope to be out and about far more in 2014.

15/12/13 - Heard today that Esme, bless her, has had six puppies by Roqfolly For Your Eyes Only - looking forward to seeing them!


15/12/13 - Leaving Beth at home as she was out of coat travelled to the last ch show of the year with Eddie and Gracie under Angela Pidcock. Really good day in the ring with a 2nd in Limit for Ed and a first for the puppy!


9/11/13 - Eddie and Grace on their best behaviour at Discover Dogs at Earls Court where they both worked very hard to please the crowds and were absolutely angelic. A busy day.

11/10/13 - Bit the bullet and took Eddie and Grace to her first ch show under Chris Savell. It was a fourth in limit for Ed and a second in MPB for the puppy. Dave Mitchell won the BCC and BOB with Lila which meant a long day but a good one.

28/09/13 - Eddie and little Grace came with me to Petworth's Spot The Spaniel event where they were both much admired and we did a little grooming demo with Ed for those that came to the ESSW stand followed by a few minor grooms for passers by! Entered Grace for one of the four companion show classes and she won Smartest Spaniel!!


15/09/13 - Eddie and Beth went to Darlington under Ken Green - what a disaster! Both bombed!!


9/09/13 - With Beth still holding on to extra pounds we just took Eddie to Richmond where he gained a respectable 3rd in his first limit class. Earlier in the day he was borrowed for the junior handling association semi final by Thalia Berry, aged 11. Eddie behaved himself and was brilliantly handled by Thalia to second in her age group. Well done her!


25/08/13 - After pelting rain the day before the sun shone on our companion show held at Appletree Cottage for English Springer Spaniel Welfare. A tiring, but fab day raising over £1,000 with £550 going to the Charity.


4/08/13 - Just Eddie again at National Gundog where he achieved yet another second in his final PG class. Up with the big boys from now on.

20/07/13 - Esme went today for a six months working stay at Judy Whitworth's. Cannot believe how quiet it is without her.

7/07/13 - Robert and I drove to East of England show. What an incredibly hot day but Eddie qualified out of PG with a first under Morag Bolton Lockhart. Clever boy! Beth still not back in coat after the puppies so did not attend.

16/06/13 - While I was at the SESSS/SEWSSC gundog training day Eddie was once again with Teresa attending Border Union. Disastrous day for him, not a happy chappie, and he went all that way to be thrown out!

18/05/13 - Teresa took Eddie up to ESSC of Scotland (thank you) where he performed really well, taking another 2nd in PG. Getting to be a habit now.

26/04/13 Really nice couple of days with Teresa and 'Matilda', Eddie's sister, attending WELKS under Kathy Gorman. A very nice 2nd in PG for Eddie. Weather was not good so show held indoors.

14/04/13 Attended the ESSC ch show under Nicola Calvert where Eddie was the only one in his mid limit class. Shame.

7/04/13 - Quick trip to Lancashire & Cheshire Ch show with just Eddie under Sandy Hall (Hollybrook). Really pleased with a 3rd in PG with him and he went well. Not sure about his handler though who had a stinking cold!!

20/03/13 - Fab news! After a long day and night Beth has produced 9 puppies - 7 bitches, 2 dogs in both colours. What a clever girl. More photos to follow on Beth's page!!!!!

17/03/13 - An outing to SWESSC (in the snow!) brought a first in PG for Eddie and a 3rd in junior for Esme despite a 'dead' tail. Lovely day in good company. Eddie also won the welfare stakes class.

9/03/13 - We only took Eddie (Seaspring Shipwrecked JW) to Crufts this year without great expectations so it was thrilling for co-owner Teresa and me when he took a fabulous 2nd in a huge Post Graduate dog class (24). Clever boy!!

3/03/13 - An outing to Folkestone & Hythe DCS at Maidstone for Eddie and Esme resulted in a 2nd in open for Eddie and a third for Esme - both went well and good practice for next week!

18/02.13 - It's definite! Beth was scanned today for at least seven puppies. So exciting!

19/01/13 - A very exciting day as we took Beth (Call Me Madam) up North between the snow showers to be mated to Fran Glendinning's Plaiglen Hustle. If the mating is successful we should have puppies around March 23rd!

Grace at 8 months